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The all-new foolproof guide to baking and icing cakes that ensures tea time is always a triumph.
The warm scent of baking is one of the most satisfying aromas to waft through your kitchen, but creating a light, even and delicious cake is not always easy. This comprehensive cake-making book covers every type of cake you could want to bake, from chocolate to sponge, fruit cake, upside-down cake and those with sticky centres. We include entire chapters on syrup cakes, feather-light cakes, cakes with sauce, bake-and-keep cakes, fruit cakes, and teatime cakes like rock cakes, nut rolls and muffins – with all the tips and tricks necessary to make sure each cake comes out perfectly. From choosing the cake tin to step-by-step instructions, youll find over 60 fabulous new recipes to ensure success every time.



Издател: Acp Books

Категория: English Language Books, Food and drink

Година: 2012

Страници: 120

ISBN: 9781742452333
Баркод: 9781742452333
Поредица: The Australian Womens Weekly

Тегло: 0.45 кг.

Размер: 21.00×28.00 см.

Размери: 3 MB


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