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Graham Vickers

21st Century Hotel



The publics appetite for new and excitingly designed hotels is insatiable. Never before have hotels been so earnestly responsive to the zeitgeist. How else can we explain the latest trends in design which at one extreme increasingly blur the border between lodging, lifestyle and living theatre, and at the other seek to reinvent the more discreet manners and style of the grand hotels of the late 19th century? 21st-Century Hotel highlights the latest examples of these trends and more as the international hotel sector finds newer and more imaginative ways to invent and reinvent itself in order to match the mood of the moment. A large-format bible of style for architects and interior designers, this book outlines the very latest developments in types of hotel design and then showcases the best on international scene through five themed chapters. It features forty six unusual



Автор: Graham Vickers

Издател: Laurence King Publishing

Категория: English Language Books, Architecture, Design

Година: 2005

Страници: 240

ISBN: 9781856694018
Баркод: 9781856694018

Тегло: 1.70 кг.

Размер: 23.50×28.80 см.

Размери: 2.8 MB


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