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Simon Kernick




John Meron, a happily married father of two whos never been in trouble, receives a phone call that will change his life for ever: his friend Jack Calley, a high-flying City lawyer, is screaming down the phone for help. As Meron listens, Calley is murdered. His last words, spoken to his killer, are the first two lines of Merons address. Confused and terrified, Meron scoops up his children and hurries out of the house. Just in time. Within minutes, a car pulls up outside, and three men get out. Its clear that theyre coming for him. Hes being hunted and has no idea why. And with his wife missing, an unidentified corpse in her office, and the police after him for murder, his lifes about to get one hell of a lot worse.



Автор: Simon Kernick

Издател: Corgi Books

Категория: English Language Books, Thriller, Crime, Mistery

Година: 2007

Страници: 480

ISBN: 9780552153126
Баркод: 9780552153126

Тегло: 0.30 кг.

Размер: 11.00×18.00 см.

Размери: 2.8 MB


Relentless книга (BGN-0.0лв)



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