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Packed with photographs, illustrations and detailed maps discover Canada region-by region; from rural coastal villages to flat prairies and teeming metropolises. The guide provides all the insider tips every visitor needs from where to watch the breathtaking spectacle at Niagara Falls to admiring the Toronto skyline from the CN Tower with comprehensive listings of the best hotels, resorts, restaurants and nightlife in each region for all budgets. Youll find 3D cutaways and floorplans of all the must-see sites plus street-by-street maps of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver amongst other historic Canadian cities and towns. DK Eyewitness Canada explores the culture, history, architecture and art of this diverse country not missing the best scenic routes and the countrys wildlife, magnificent mountains, the great Canadian lakes plus highlights and maps of Canadas astonishing national parks. With up-to-date information on getting around by train, car, walking in cities and all the sights and resorts listed town by town, DK Eyewitness Canada is your essential companion.
Dont miss a thing on your holiday with DK Eyewitness Canada



Издател: Dorling Kindersley

Категория: Пътеводители, English Language Books, Maps, Guides, Atlases, Travel

Година: 2010

Страници: 448

ISBN: 9781405350341
Баркод: 9781405350341
Поредица: Eyewitness Travel

Тегло: 0.66 кг.

Размер: 13.00×22.00 см.

Размери: 3 MB


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